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3,58 EUR*
Details Little Venice Cake Piping Nozzle #47-Basket Weave

Professional Quality. Nozzles ideal für Cake and Cupcake Icing; each Nozzle Comes complete in Sealed lvcc Design Packaging and is engraved with the Nozzle Number and the lvcc Blume; See the Nozzle Guide Picture For corresponding Icing Effects. Every ...

30,17 EUR*
Details Jointed faucet nozzle

Refresh the sink nozzle with this dual jointed faucet nozzle. The head swivels 360 degrees for easy sink clean-up. Provides a steady stream of water or a shower spray. Easy installation.

18,01 EUR*
Details LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO - MIG Wire Welding Nozzle

MIG Wire Welding Nozzle, Used To Protect The Threads & Openings Of The Gas Diffuser/Contact Tip Holder During The Mig Welding Process, Nozzle Directs Shielding Gas Around The Tip & Mig Wire To Protect The Weld Puddle, Use Nozzle When Welding With Shieldi

12,13 EUR*
Details Anself 26Pcs Nozzle Icing Piping Nozzles Cupcake Bag Fondant Cake Sugarcraft Decorating Tool

Eigenschaften: 26 Stücke von verschiedenen Vereisung Düsen verschiedene Muster zu bekommen. Aus hochwertigem Edelstahl, gute Haltbarkeit. Kommt mit einem Kunststoff-Aufbewahrungsbox, sehr bequem zu Düsen in Ordnung zu halten. Macht es möglich ...

13,24 EUR*
Details MELNOR INC 6-Inch Brass Jet Nozzle

Green Thumb, 6", Brass, Jet Nozzle With Overmolded Swivel, Sprays A Concentrated Jet Stream, Ideal For Cleaning Driveways & Walks, Attaches To Threaded Front Nozzle Or Hose End.

11,14 EUR*
Details Chef Aid Icing Syringe + 8 Nozzles

Chef Aid Icing Syringe with 8 Nozzles, White

6,58 EUR*
Details Nozzle Brushes

Tala 15 cm and 10 cm Nozzle Brushes, Pack of 2

7,92 EUR*
Details MELNOR INC 5-Pattern Spray Nozzle

Green Thumb, Poly, Multi 5 Pattern Spray Nozzle, Rear Trigger.

35,55 EUR*


12,39 EUR*
Details MELNOR INC Adjustable-Pattern Spray Nozzle

Green Thumb, Adjustable Pattern Spray Nozzle, Front Trigger, Rezimar, Flow Control.

12,33 EUR*
Details MELNOR INC Spray Nozzle, 10-Pattern, Metal

Green Thumb, Chrome Finish, 10 Spray Pattern, Metal Nozzle, Ergo Handle.

14,15 EUR*
Details Melnor 415GT grün Thumb Control Hose Nozzle

Green Thumb, Thumb Control Nozzle, Water Activation & Flow Control In 1 Motion, Patented Insulated Rubber Coating, Die Cast Metal Inner Housing, Brass Nozzle Tip Adjusts From A Fine Mist To A Powerful Stream.

19,49 EUR*
Details Karcher Round Bristle Nozzles for Steam Cleaners - Pack of 4 by Kärcher

These Karcher steam cleaner bristle nozzles can be used with all Karcher steam cleaners. The dual coloured red and two black round nozzles for use on different applications such as the kitchen/bathroom.;Karcher's hard wearing bristle nozzles are ideal ...

56,32 EUR*
Details Iwata Fluid Nozzle .2Mm B/Sb

This Fluid Nozzle (I 080 2) is a replacement part for Iwata Custom airbrush models B/SB.

5,95 EUR*
Details JEM Nr. 3R rund Savoy Nozzle Tip, silber

Jem 3R Large Round Nozzle - quality seamless stainless steel nozzle ideal for running beads dots and lines. Also great to use with cream mashed potato and choux pastry and is made from Seemless Stainless Steel.

87,91 EUR*
Details AEM 30-3312 Wasser/Methanol Injektion Nozzle Kit, Schwarz

AEM 30-3312 Water/Methanol Injector Nozzle Kit. Product Dimension (LxWxH): 5.4x5.7x3.4.

17,97 EUR*
Details Melnor 416GT grün Thumb 7-Pattern Control Hose Nozzle

Green Thumb, 8 Pattern, Thumb Control Nozzle, Water Activation & Flow Control In 1 Motion, Patented, Insulated Rubber Coating, Die Cast Metal Inner Housing, 8, Pattern Nozzle Top, 8 Patterns: Shower, Stream, Soaker, Center, Full, Cone, Mist & Flat.

12,30 EUR*
Details MELNOR INC Adjustable Metal Nozzle

Green Thumb, Adjustable, Heavy Duty Metal Nozzle, Rear Trigger, Adjustable Metal Tip Form Fine Spray To Jet, Rubberized Grip, Trigger, & Head.

10,09 EUR*
Details SMV INDUSTRIES - Boom Nozzle Screen/Strainer, 4-Pk.

4 Pack, Nozzle Screen/Strainer, 50 Mesh Strainers Protect Spray Tip Orifices From Clogging & Damage.

17,28 EUR*
Details MELNOR INC Hose Nozzle, 9-Patterns, Rubber-Coated Metal

Green Thumb, 9 Pattern, Oversized Thumb Control Nozzle, Thumb Control Features Water Activation & Flow Control In 1 Motion, Patented, Insulated Rubber Coating, Die Cast Metal Connector Housing, 9 Pattern Nozzle Top, Oversized Design Provides Additional Le

13,66 EUR*
Details Melnor 465GT grün Thumb Hot Water Nozzle

Green Thumb, Hot Water Nozzle, With Brass Stem & Brass Head, Withstands Hot Water Temperatures Up To 160 Degree.

3,87 EUR*
Details MELNOR INC - Pistol Hose Nozzle, Adjustable, Poly

Poly Pistol Nozzle, Threaded End, Adjustable Spray Pattern, Polymer Valve Assembly With Fixed Nut, Clip For Continuous Spraying, Bulk.

10,85 EUR*
Details Sugar and Crumbs Nifty Nozzle -6 Petal Tulip-

The original Nifty Nozzles are an invention of two talented ladies from Russia. With these large, detailed nozzles you can make beautiful tulips in one motion. Ideal for decorating cakes and cupcakes! We only sell the genuine original, so not a bad ...

7,15 EUR*
Details MELNOR INC 2-Inch Miniature Brass Twist Nozzle

Green Thumb, 2", Miniature Brass Twist Nozzle, Solid Brass Construction, Adjustable Spray Pattern Adjusts From A Fine Mist To A Powerful Stream.

14,32 EUR*
Details SEALEY Thin Headed Nozzle Tb14 & Tb15 Single (formerly 120/722151)

A comprehensive range of MIG tips and nozzles to fit a wide variety of welding machines - not just Sealey

31,25 EUR*
Details CHAMPION IRRIGATION PD 15F-C 2PK Circular Nozzle, Full

2-er Pack, Kreis Muster, U Sprinkler Nozzle, zur Verwendung mit Pop Up & Strauch Kopf, kompatibel mit anderen bekannten Marken, Abstand 11 bis 15 ", Einstellschraube aus Edelstahl.

11,36 EUR*
Details Bakeless Rose Nozzle

This rose Bakeless stainless steel piping nozzle is designed to make perfect buttercream rose flowers. These innovative nozzlesallow you to pipe whole rose blooms in one go rather then having to pipe individual petals. They're a fantastic time saver ...

1,96 EUR*
Details Tala Original No.9 Basketweave Piping Nozzle

Tala Original Icing Tubes - No.9 Fancy Band Piping Nozzle. The No.9 Fancy Band is ideal for putting creative detail to cakes and cupcakes. Approx. 2cm Diameter. Hand wash only.

24,67 EUR*
Details ORBIT UNDERGROUND Pistol Nozzle, Adjustable, Brushed Graphite

Green Thumb, Brushed Graphite Finish, Adjustable Pistol Nozzle, Easy To Use Front Trigger & Flow Control Lever For Maximum Flexibility In Watering, Easily Adjust Spray From Gentle Fan To Heavy Jet Stream.

2,99 EUR*
Details JEM #1E DROP FLOWER Steel Icing Piping Decorating Nozzle Tip Tube Fondant Cake

JEM #1E DROP FLOWER Steel Icing Piping Decorating Nozzle Tip Tube Fondant Cake - Qualität JEM Produktprobe

24,20 EUR*
Details ORBIT UNDERGROUND Hose Nozzle, 7 Patterns, Graphite Finish

Green Thumb, 7 Pattern, Graphite Finish, Turret Nozzle, Front Trigger Easy To Use & Provides 7 Spray Patterns For Watering Needs, Includes Flow Control Lever, Easy To Use Front Trigger & Locks For Constant Spray.